It’s been a busy quarter for the NJANP Board. Here’s a summary of what’s been going on:

  •  We voted to add the talented and energetic Aubrey Corbett to our board. Along with representing West coast naturopathic students who may be interested in moving back to NJ upon graduation, she’s also a wiz with computers.

  • We are working on adding a “Find an ND Feature” to the site. We’ll add all of the most current information we have but if you’re an ND practicing in NJ, please feel free to email us your most current contact info to make sure we get it right!

  • We’re working on a NJANP CEU conference; an opportunity to network with other NDs, to learn, and to earn some credits… This is a huge undertaking. Details will follow.

  • Kyle Meyer, our new President, is working tirelessly on meeting with legislators in our state. We’re finalizing a fancy information packet to present to them. If you have an “in” with any state big-wigs, PLEASE let us know! 

  • We’re still working on expanding our membership. If you’d like to become a member and haven’t yet made the leap, visit to join us!

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